Post Hospital Care

Returning from hospital most often means that you you are happy to come home to familier surroundings however the reality may be that you find yourself needing help and/or suppport to complete daily chores for sometime until you get back to full recovery. 

So whether you have had an incident or accident, trauma, plastic or major surgery, child birth or any other procedure that means you need someone around to run some errands for a short period; our experienced and compassionate post hospital care givers are available and happy to support you through this period until you get back on your feet. We will listen and carry out your home health care wishes covering your support needs ranging from domestic household chores like tidying, cleaning and cooking healthy meals through to grocery shopping and that visit to your pharmacy or GP.



For how long a period can I take out post hopital care?

Post Hospital care support is individualised and depends on two factors namely your current health condition and your support requirements. We will meet with you, your family or one responsible for your home health care and discuss a support package that suits you and covers your support needs for a time agreed by you or until you can get on your feet again. This package will then be revised along the way as you gradually get back to full heath.

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