Emergency Care

Touching people’s lives

Life has its way of springing surprises on all of us. These situations may mean that many vulnerable individuals can potentially be left without home health care in their home. Further more health care institutions such as care homes and hospices may also find themselves needing 24 hour urgent care cover for unforeseen shortages of staff!

We have built a highly trained and experienced team that is ready to step into the gap to cover your emergency care needs. Whether it be cover for an individual carer looking after your loved one’s care needs for a day or two or more than one carer to cover critical staff shortage emergencies, this team will rise to the challenge bringing a confident, respectful and professional ethic to the situation.


What kind of emergencies do you cover?

We cover any emergency that results or has a potential for you or your loved ones being without appropraite home health care for sometime. This ranges from accidents and family incidents right through to national emergencies that may require 24 hour urgent care.

Who do you cover?

We offer emergency care to individuals and familes in most situations. This means we can step in the gap for a short period or an agreed schedule of times a day to support your loved one during the trying time until circumstances get back to normal.

Touch Care Ltd

IS the only one service center that has a package that will meet your requirements as well as your budget.