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Live in care is an option that our service users have to ensure their care needs are catered for 24/7 in their own home. This service provides you with your own dedicated carer who will be available to you whenever you need their support. The carer is assigned to you and resides in a spare room in your home ready to take care of your support needs as the situations arise. The live in carer takes care of all your basic home health care requirements as per your agreed care plan and ensures you are comfortable, health and happy. They are appropriately a quick and effective point of contact for family who from time to time may need to know how you are doing. The benefits of live in care cannot be exhaustively explained here though they are unquestionably appreciated by those that have need for and have tried this home care option!

If Live in care is an option you want to take up or simply to try it out with a view to ascertaining its suitability to your care needs then we are available to meet with you and/or your family to assess your request and where agreed match you up with one of our specialised team. We have built a highly trained and experienced team that is ready to provide you with this type of specialist care whatever your choices within this option. With integrity and respect for you and your diginity, your choosen Live in carer will provide a professional service that will regularly be reviewed to make sure you are recieving the care and support that you need in your own home environment.


Does the carer have to live in my house?

Yes. At least somewhere on your premises.

Live in care is an option that may be most suited to service users whose care needs imply that they are best cared for in their own home if they have someone around with them 24/7. This translates in the need to have some spare room to house the live in carer within the premises at distances where they can quickly and effectively be of assistance when needed even during the night. So whether the carer lives in your house or in an adjacent quarters the reason they are needed on your premises is to provide you with a home health care experience that both meets your care requirements and makes living in your own home possible, comfortable  and enjoyable. 

What if I do not get appropriate care from the Live in carer provided?

If for any reason you do not think you are getting the care you need from a particular carer then get in touch with the office and a quick review will be carried out to reassess the carer’s suitability and your care needs and thereafter another choice of Live in carer suited to your care needs may be provided where possible.

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