Persoanl Care

Touching people’s lives

Whether you are returning from hospital or simply getting on in years and find that some personal tasks are getting difficult, our domiciliary care team is to support you with bathing, washing and dressing, oral care and other personal care tasks that make staying in your own home not only comfortable but worthwhile too. 

Our trained staff will provide you with the home health care support that you need and ensure that you are treated with respect, considering your wishes, following your care plan and maintaining your dignity at all times.


Do I have a choice in who (Carer) directly provides this service to me?

Your personal care ususally makes up part of your overall domiciliary care package which covers all your possible choices considering your circumstances and ensures that all your home health care wishes are always taken into account when selecting who or which carers are best suited to make up your care team. Regular service reviews are undertaken to make sure you are getting the appropriate care and support as discussed and agreed in you care plan. 

You have a right to inform us if you believe you are not getting the right care or are simply not satisified with any aspect of our service to you. The ealier any issues are rised, the better for all of us as we undertake to address your concerns as soon as possible.

Touch Care Ltd

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