Domiciliary Care

A few minutes regular walk / exercising can help you get rid of such problems as strokes and cardiac arrest.

You have always maintained your home clean, tidy and hygienic and you would love to keep it that way by preserving your independence as you remain in you home surrounded by family and friends plus familier memories. However the challenge of effectively dealing with these domestic chores can prove overwhelming.

Our Staff provide you with domiciliary care and support you need to get these tasks done. They listen to your needs and work with you as much as possible doing the `cleaning, tidying, laundry, cooking and even shopping that enhances your home health care eliminating alternatives such as the nursing home.

 Elders are more vulnerable to muscle tightness, pain, and injury. Stretching also reduces back pain injuries by making your back muscles stronger.

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How can I order this service?

You can be supported through domiciliary care with this service on a regular basis daily, weekly, fornightly or even monthly, tasks can vary with subsequent visits and unlike in a nursing home setting, you can request specific home health care services on a once off or short term basis.  

What makes us unique

When someone you love is nearing the end of their life, being at home in familiar surroundings rather than a care home or a hospital can make the world of difference. Many people therefore wish to spend this precious time surrounded by family and friends in their own home, where they have always been. We provide the essential package of support to enable this wish to be fulfiled.