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Private Payment

This is simplest method of payment as it is all about and implemented by the Client. It is your responsibility to search, select and purchase the home health care you need from any available certified provider that you choose. Recommendations may be made to you about various providers to choose from, but the ultimate care-choice decision lies with you. Private payment is the most flexible method and allows clients the most options and future changes thereof in their chosen care package going forward.

If you intend to take this route for purchasing your care or that of a loved one at home, then we are here to support and work with you to achieve your Home care goals. We will meet with you and discuss your care needs with a view to arranging for a personalised care plan and package that adequately covers your requested services. We will then carefully match your care package with the most specialised Carers best suited to supporting your care needs.


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Direct Payments

Individuals that have been assessed by the Local Council as needing Social Care support will be allocated a personal budget that is managed in various ways dependant on one’s capacity and circumstances. Essentially this implies that the council may directly source and pay for your care based on your allocated budget. In some cases, this budget is passed on to other bodies that may be registered to manage your finances or to legally act on your behalf in matters related to your wellbeing. You still have a significant say in who ultimately provides your care and you are always informed of any payment requests and invoices pertaining to your care as earlier provided. 

Whether it be that payment is through direct payments, individual budgets or Individual Service Funds or anything in-between, sometimes the budget will not cover all your homecare services as needed necessitating you or your family to top up in order to cover the budget shortfall. This may be the only way to ensure you or your loved one gets the full cover as needed.