Autism epilepsy care

Older people are especially vulnerable to loneliness

Touch Care Ltd Caregivers provide physical care and emotional support to patients and people who cannot care for themselves anymore. This disability is usually due to illness, or injury. In addition, we’re skilled and trained  caregivers to support patient who has such a conditon and as the management, we keep supervising and enhancing them with a  combination of knowledge, ability, and empathy to fulfill the role. We encourage people who have people with such condition and are living alone to contact Touch Care Ltd (TLC) for a Liv-in-Care service plan so that we take responsibility and  available 24/7.

Patience is essential when caring for a anyone with autism because most of them, their social and communication skills are frequently weak, making it challenging to communicate with. Our care giving teams, are not only professionals buts are too patient to our clients.

Who needs Assistance in Daily Activities?

The elderly
Completing daily activities can become hard by aging. If the elderly suffer from a disease or dementia, things can get worse.
The disabled are the vulnerable group who needs the most care. They face accessibility and education problems every day. They may face challenges doing basic personal things.
The patient might need Assistance in Daily Activities by their conditions for the short or long term. Their conditions define the type and duration of the care. But if they don’t get the assistance they need, their conditions can get worse.

Duties and responsibilities

If you reside in the UK and need Assistance in Daily Activities for your family member, Touch Care Ltd is at your service. We provide home care services. Give us a call at 020 866-54345 / 0333 880 2752 for further information or plan services.

We give assistance with primary activities to manage basic physical needs such as personal hygiene or grooming, dressing, visiting the bathroom, transferring or walking, and eating.